Who we are

Most laymen know the familiar pillars of our technological future: Artifical Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Until recently, only a few were aware of the third leg of the stool: the distributed ledger, commonly known as blockchain. We first became aware of its incredible potential in 2011 though running a Bitcoin node and have been evangelizing for and investing capital in the space over the last decade. We have delivered funds to dozens of projects in their initial stages including Ethereum, Ecomi/VeVe, cheqd, Polkadot, Cardano and Chainlink. We've seen the technology develop from a seed planeted by a small group of cypherpunks grow into a vibrant web3 ecosystem - but things are just getting started.


What we do

Our mission is to foster the innovative developments which will bring creative disruption to contract law, voting, governance, identity and more though the following initiatves.

  • Tech Forecasting

  • Blockchain Education

  • Technology Development Fund

  • Professional Networking


One more thing

The future doesn't just arrive, it is up to us to help bring it into being. Luckily, over the many years we have participated in the blockchain space, we've become very adept at identifying the sorts of projects that show the greatest promise of making their vision of the future into reality. By delivering our capital to their disposal, we've been richly rewarded in numerous ways. If you are interested in the undertaking next stage the journey with us and have a burning interest along with valuable skills to contribute, we encourage you to contact us.